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ZIL-130 V1.0.0.0 LS2017

Good management Deformation of the wheels Working dashboard Rear view mirrors Dust and leaves traces The animation of the suspension. Good svetotehnika Polluted Open/Close doors – hatches – the hood (inside) and IC control...

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ZIL-130 FS17 V1.0

– Power 150 hp – Capacity 8500 liters – Lighting, mirrors, dust from under the wheels and the tracks – Forced raising and lowering of the body (kl.H). – Animated – dashboard, mudguards and...

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Zil 130 Ls15

About Mod: – 93 km / h, 210 l capacity. – Load 5600 kg. – Transports: wheat, barley, canola, corn, straw, potatoes, sugar beet, silage, wood chips, grass, manure. Author: Mr.Angelo, Lexan, Rs.Bandit, ALEXANDER...

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ZIL-130 Fuel Truck

About Mod: Fuel truck based on old Russian ZIL-130. Working lights, leaves traces and dust clouds. Max speed – 90 km/h. Working indoor hud. Have fun! Author: -=F@RMeER=-, Кирюха, Александр Жук, Віталій Собко; edit...

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Zil-130 v0.1

About Mod: – Price 1500 euro. – Daily cost 5 euro. – Maximum power of 184 kW / 250 liters. Author: Ruslan, Lexan, Dufata, Zombi88888, Sanya1970, Irakls DOWNLOAD UploadFiles.eu