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Goldcrest Productions Map V3.0 LS17

Version 3.0 version 3 with all corrected errors in the sawmill and other little things Author: scooby, pinguar, Kastor, Marhu, Kevink98, Joker301069, Farmer_Andy, fasi, El_Cid, Giants,tarnat. jungle_strudsen, Oliviu Stoian, Alice Noir, Thilly Coppelmans, Leastspark,...


Goldcrest Hills Map V1.3 LS17

Version 1.3 Sawmill with wooden pallets manufactured Fermenter for silage production Filling station can be installed (UPK Mod required) The silks have been reworked Author: Modell:Giants/ Rebell79 Textur: Eribus Script: Idee / Konzept: Giants...


Goldcrest Valley II V1.0.0.2

Version Fixed Silo fill limit. Fixed Terrain detail of areas changed. (was showing wheat). Fixed more terrain details. Revamped more of the Farms Silo area. Added Workshop placeable already on map. Added Pressure...