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odaz-animal-v1-0_3 0

ODAZ Animal V1.0 LS2017

Animal transport trailer Backlight Color selection Wheel selection The dust and traces of wheels Dirt / Washable Transport: cows, pigs, sheep Author: werik, Silak_68, kto-totutzdes, Tractorist56 DOWNLOAD

ig-planeta-5-v1-0_2 0

IG Planeta 5 V1.0 LS2017

Two bikes Power – 17 hp Lighting Mirrors Speedometer Animation of the instrument panel Color selection The dust and traces of wheels Dirt / Washable Author: werik, Silak_68, YREC, Zombi88888, Gnom. FS17/-=F@RMeR=- DOWNLOAD

maupu1122c 0

Maupu1122C V0.1 LS2017

Maupu1122C For Ls17 by NicoModding Facebook Page: Author: Model: NicoModding Texture: NicoModding Script: NicoModding Idea / Concept: NicoModding Testing: NicoModding DOWNLOAD

5406-mtz-80-1-0_1 0

MTZ-80 V1.0 LS2017

Price: 36500€ Maintenance: 180€ / day Dirty to clean, the working lot places for eating, lighting tidy, lighting,dust, traces purchased a counterbalance,the deformation of the tires, the floating bridge,good physics,clean log,there is no waste....

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KIR-1.5M V1.0 LS2017

Mower-crusher rotary, trailed. It is used for mowing, chopping grass on a cut and loading it into a vehicle. Turning bell, trailing device, PTO animation, gear and support pillar. Width – 1.5 m. The...