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sf-kipper 0

SF Tipper V1.0wsb LS2017

*washable * Vmax: 27km … depending on tailwind * Indoorcam with mouse movement (hinauslehnen) * Abkippseite: front * Capa: 5,500 * Fruits: bulk * Log: clean tippers Author: Modell: TSL Textur: TSL Script: standard...

guelletrailer-ulw 0

Guelle Trailer ULW V9/02 LS17

Here my GuelleTrailer ULW LS17wsb WITHOUT original model … TSL Spezialfahrzeugbau! * Sales, sprayer, Überladewagen * Capa: 38,000 *washable mouse-controlled * Height adjustable Attacher (Thus fits behind every truck or dolly) * Fruits: liquidManure...

fliegl-asw-288--4 0

Fliegl ASW 288 V1.0

Revolutionary vyhrnovací system is a system for zam?d?lské transports. And optimizes the strengths of all the known transport systems. Author: Model: Giants Textura: Lexik Cz Scénář: Ls Jira Cz Idea / Concept: Tester: AgroStroj...