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Shovel Sugarbeet V0.9 Beta LS15

About Mod: Shovel sugarbeet Ardent Equipment BB2VHB Capicity : 6000L FillTypes: Sugarbeet / Potatoes Price: 3000€ Multiplayer/server : Ready Log clean Author: Model: NSP Texture: NewPtitSkinneur Script: NewPtitSkinneur Testing: NewPtitSkinneur / TeamSLV DOWNLOAD



About Mod: This is a one of a kind Sumitomo SH200-3 Hydraulic Excavator. I owned this machine recently and based this mod off the machine Model:Fredzaza Skin:Thorndog59 Weight: 20-22 ton Price: $30,000 Author: Fredzaza...

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BOBCAT S160 V1.0

About Mod: – Power 61 hp – Speed 33 km/h – Speedometer – Wheeled dust – Road tracks – Detailed textures, sounds and animations Author: peterj, sam123, durman DOWNLOAD